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Become a Garden Friend of Helmsley Walled Garden

Help us to continue the work of this special garden

Gardening for health and wellbeing is at the core of what we do here at Helmsley Walled Garden. Since its inception over 25 years ago, the garden has looked to benefit both its local community and the thousands of visitors that come to this beautiful garden every year.

Our volunteering programme, Over the Garden Gate, is designed to enhance the experience of volunteering and to help individuals get the most out of their involvement with the garden.  Gardening is a therapeutic activity for all of us and particularly benefits certain groups, all of whom can become involved with gardening here at Helmsley.  Those suffering from the early stages of dementia, those with learning difficulties or a limiting condition and those who are experiencing social isolation or a loss of confidence can find their lives improved enormously by volunteering with our team.

Not only does Helmsley Walled Garden benefit around 80 volunteers every single week but it also is a garden that very directly benefits its visitors through its relaxed and accessible layout. There are calming spaces within the garden with lots of open lawns and plenty of areas for sitting and taking in the view. The design of Helmsley Walled Garden encourages contemplation of nature, relaxation and rests the mind, ensuring our visitors benefit also from this beautiful space.

How you help

By becoming a Garden Friend, you are supporting us and helping us to:

  • Create new planting areas for all to enjoy,
  • Buy vital garden tools for our staff and volunteers to use,
  • Develop more opportunities for therapeutic horticulture,
  • Maintain and develop the garden and its buildings.

In doing all this you’re helping to inspire all our visitors to enjoy their time in this special garden. Help us do more, become a Garden Friend.

Thank you for your support.