Moth Night

The garden had its first ever moth night on 28th July. The light traps were set by David Brewster and David Sales outside the Orchid House, in the orchard and in Alison’s Garden and the contents investigated, counted and identified the following morning.

A selection of moths could be viewed over the morning and all moths were released back into the garden after they had been counted processed. Visitors to the garden were also keen to investigate and see what had been trapped.

An amazing total of 208 larger moths of 42 species were recorded as well as some micro moths. It’s a pleasing indication of the wealth of insect life in the garden. There are more than 870 species of large moths in the UK so whilst we have a healthy population, there are perhaps more species to discover.

We hope to have more moth nights in the future and we’ll let you know what we discover.

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