The Orchid House Renovation

Your support helped us to undertake the much needed renovation of The Orchid House. The work started back in November last year with workmen starting on the first bay; painstakingly removing all the glass and sanding and assessing the state of every piece of wood in the frame.

This was the point when we realised that not every pane of glass was the same size and that fitting back together would be like a jigsaw puzzle. Some panes needed replacing which is a job for a specialist glass cutter rather than a trip to B&Q.

The first bay is almost complete and the middle bay is well underway. This bay seems to have suffered more weather damage and some of the wood was rotten to the core. Each piece that is removed is measured and then remade to fit perfectly back into the gap.

On a personal note, I take my hat off to all the workmen up on the scaffolding. As I write it is blowing a gale and has been for the last three days. The only difference seems to be they talk a bit louder to be heard by each other. Nothing seems to stop them. Gentlemen, you have my absolute respect.

Alongside the work on the building, the new heating system, blinds and water system still need to go in and it’s now clear the work won’t be finished by the time we reopen in March. So early visitors will be able to see the work that’s been done so far and take a look at what’s still to be done.

All this work was enabled by the help and support of our Friends, visitors and donors. Thank you all for your unfailing support for all we do, it means a great deal.

If you would like to support the work of the garden, please use the button below to go straight to our Local Giving page. Thank you.