Herbalism – an intensive course

If you’ve been awakening to the inseparable connection between our health and the health of our planet, if you’ve been pulling back the veil of the status quo that is disconnecting us from our wellbeing and our power, if you’ve been yearning to transform snippets of information into knowledge and skills that are alive in the breath of your every day, you are invited on a journey…

Deep into our bodies…

Deep into time…

Deep into the woods and the hedgerows and the gardens…

Deep into our collective memory as members of the complex ecosystems of nature…

Deep into herbal medicine.

Join Meghan Rhodes, qualified herbalist and founder of Rhodes Roots & Remedies, for a unique 24 week learning retreat experience spanning all four seasons where we will be remembering, reclaiming and relearning what we all once knew – how to understand the messages our bodies are sending us and how to support them naturally with whole plant medicine.

During this intensive course in herbalism you will:

  • Develop an intimate knowledge of a select group of medicinal herbs able to be grown or foraged in the UK
  • Cultivate the skill of medicine-making with your own hands to begin to establish a resilient home apothecary
  • Peel back the layers of human health and energetics, enabling you to be able to understand how the body works, decipher, then address the messages our bodies express, without memorising extensive lists of medical terminology
  • Attune to the constitutions of people and the qualities of medicinal plants to craft effective and safe herbal treatments
  • Root deeply into your confidence in taking ownership of your health
  • Become part of a tapestry of like-minded, curious and empowered souls
  • Bring and spread joy in cultivating deep health for yourself, your loved ones and your community

The course includes 75 live teaching hours across:

PRICING: one time investment (pay in full) of £997 (+ early registration bonuses if you pay in full in the month of November 2022) or pay in instalments £1127 (£497 deposit + 3 instalments of £210)

  • Four full day multisensory workshops at Helmsley Walled Garden
    • Spring – Sunday, 23rd April 10am-4pm
    • Summer – Sunday, 9th July 10am-4pm
    • Autumn – Sunday, 3rd September 10am-4pm
    • Winter – Sunday, 12th November 10am-4pm
  • Two 12 week seasons of hourly deep dive sessions live online twice each week
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12.30-1.30pm
    • *Each session will be recorded and shared for ongoing reference
    • *Very occasionally, our Thursday session will take place on a Friday at the same time. A full list of dates will be shared in advance.
    • 25th April – 6th July / 5th September – 9th November
  • A closing ceremony and celebration at a secret location in North Yorkshire
    • Sunday, 19th November in the daytime

Practical topics and skills you will learn include:

  • Organoleptics – understanding a herb’s medicinal properties through the senses of taste and smell
  • The Doctrine of Signatures – the ancient approach of using sight and touch to discern affinities different plants have to specific parts of the body
  • Remedy Making – including tinctures, teas, salves, creams, body butters, herb infused oils, vinegars, elixirs, electuaries, poultices and salts
  • Tongue Diagnosis – interpret the signs of imbalance in the body manifest on the tongue
  • Constitutions – the three core states of balance from an Ayurvedic perspective (vata, pitta, kapha)
  • The Development of Dis-ease – how illness manifests and moves in the body and tracing back to the root cause
  • Medicinal Herbs – develop an intimate knowledge of a curated set of core herbs and work confidently with them
  • Formulation – the craft and skill of pairing herbs with people and in what forms to provide effective support
  • Safety – considerations of age, pre-existing conditions and other medicines when supporting yourself, a loved one or community member, as well as when to refer someone to a professional.

Places are limited to 12 intrepid individuals who want to join in the journey.

Learn more about the course and enrol directly with Meghan on her website here.